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After having neglected my blog over the last few months, I want to start posting more frequently again (New Year’s resolutions and all that).

A few updates on what I’m up to:

python fmrest

If you haven’t read it on Twitter or the forums yet: a couple of months ago I’ve started building a Python wrapper for the FileMaker Data API to make it easier to integrate FileMaker data into your Python app. All API paths are supported and you can get started with just a few lines:

>>> fms = fmrest.Server('https://your-server.com',
>>> fms.login()
>>> record = fms.get_record(1)
>>> record.name
John Doe

As the FM Data API is currently still in trial, expect some changes with upcoming releases. I will try to implement new things as soon as we have more information of what’s coming and know which direction FMI will take it.

Feel free to play around with and contribute to the project. The code is on GitHub. If you have any questions, just send me an email or open a new issue.

Deep Learning

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to finally dig into Deep Learning and I hope I will be able to write a few “getting started” posts on this subject in 2018.

Keeping a work journal

On the first day of work this year I started writing a (non-public) daily bullet point journal of what I’m working on, what is (not) going well, and things I learn.

This is a very different log compared to a time sheet I would pass to a client. It is meant to give me an overview of where my time goes, how I’m progressing with things and it should allow me to go back in time when a similar situation arises.

While I initially planned to over-engineer it and build a fancy app to add entries to the journal, I ended up with only a simple markdown file per day and a jrnl bash alias to quickly create and name the daily files 🤓

alias jrnl='mvim ~/journal/$(date +%Y-%m-%d).md'

Here’s a good twitter thread with many more ideas about the same subject:

Client projects

Of course, what pays the bills are client projects. I have some interesting work coming up and hope to be able to share small technical bits here and there.

What about you?

What things are you working on? What are your resolutions for the New Year?

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