Reading sniffed SSL/TLS traffic from curl with Wireshark

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If you want to debug/inspect/analyze SSL/TLS traffic made by curl, you can easily do so by setting the environment variable SSLKEYLOGFILE to a file path of your choice (for storing the secrets), and then point Wireshark to use this file.

Let’s see how:

In Wireshark, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Protocols -> SSL -> (Pre)-Master-Secret log filename, and set the path:

Wireshark settings

Then start the Wireshark capture.

In your shell, you can now set the environment variable and make a request:

$ SSLKEYLOGFILE=/my/path/to/file.log curl

(export the variable if you want it to be available to all apps in your current session)

In Wireshark, you should now be able to see the decrypted traffic:

Wireshark traffic

Version note: I used curl 7.65.1 with OpenSSL.

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